FierceOnlineVideo's Fierce 15 - 2009


Companies that provide the skeleton, muscle and flesh of the online video industry

There are just 15 companies in this list, and it was tough to select them from the few dozen candidates we looked at. Thank you to all who sent in suggestions.

The Fierce 15 are representative of the companies that are driving this space. Most are young… very young. But a few have been around for years and form what could be considered the bedrock of the space. Content Delivery Networks, Online Video Platforms, encoding companies and search companies are included... as are online video ad companies. After all, somebody has to find a way to pay for all that bandwidth being used.

Criteria is pretty wide but, generally, a company should be privately owned and based in the U.S., have an impact on its segment of the industry and be moving forward.

All the companies share a number of traits. First, they’re driving online video forward whether by providing structure to build on, or the muscle to move it. Some are more, well, about appeal; they’re attracting users and providing the critical mass that’s making the growth self-sustaining.

Without fail, they all revolve around such cool technology, they’re just fun to play with. Enjoy. –Jim