Kaltura - Top Online Video Company 2009: FierceOnlineVideo, Fierce 15


Where it's based: New York, NY
When it was founded: Launched in 2007
Investors: Avalon Ventures, .406 Ventures
Website: www.kaltura.com


Why it's Fierce: Kaltura has taken a different tack than some other OVPs, the open source online video company opened up the back-end of its platform in July to offer what it says is the first open source, self-hosted online video platform. Its "Community Edition" allows full video management, publishing and editing and lets customers host the platform behind their firewalls without having to develop the platform from scratch in-house.

It's a unique approach that the company says helps it drive innovation by using the global developer community to extend and enhance the platform. An example? Kaltura's interactive and collaborative features like media uploading and online video editing and remixing tools that help publishers engage with their audience and increase time spent on site.

Kaltura CEO Ron Yekutiel believes the company can replicate the success of other open source companies like Red Hat, MySQL and Mozilla in the video market. "Kaltura includes all the features of competing products, and it is so flexible, it enables people to enhance and create their own solutions on top of it," Yekutiel said.

Kaltura -- because of its open source stance -- approaches the market differently than other OVPs. The company says its mission is to make video as interactive as possible, and to turn video from a cost item to a revenue item, by reducing costs, and offering many monetization options. Kaltura claims to be the fastest growing online video platform on the market, with more than 38,000 publishers, including Universal Studios, Net10, Lion's Gate, Digg, PBS, Dilbert.com, UPenn and USC.

Forrester Research last month ranked it as a "strong performer" in the OVP space with the ability to offer standard packages to customers, but also capable of strong customer support to create more customized packages.

Kaltura - Top Online Video Company 2009: FierceOnlineVideo, Fierce 15