Market7 - Top Online Video Company 2009: FierceOnlineVideo, Fierce 15


Where it's based: San Francisco
When it was founded: 2007
Investors: A variety of individual investors have contributed more than $1.4 million


Why it's Fierce: For an enterprise, getting into the online video space can be daunting. You need a place to host your videos, a way to get your videos to your customers, a way to track your views and a way to make money from them.

And you need video. But how hard is that? You grab a Flip, put it on a tripod, shoot what you want to shoot, say what you want to say, do a little basic editing, upload it to an OVP, encode it and embed it on your website and start making money.

But, If you're serious about bringing a professional-level video to the Internet, one that people are going to view and use to base decisions on whether or not to work with you or whether to buy your product, it had better be a touch more high-end than your cousin Buddy can produce for you.

The process -- and believe this, it's a process -- of translating a few good words, or a single idea to life onscreen can be overwhelming.

Market7, an SaaS-based video production service, walks you through the process from from idea to finished product in eight distinct steps, all the while allowing you to collaborate with other creatives whether you're side-by-side in a cube farm or across the world.

CEO Seth Kenvin says Market7 started with corporate marketing departments and other video professionals as its target market. "We started by focusing on the little guys, thinking it would be easier to ID the buyer and see quick sales and a shorter sales cycle," he says. "We figured that when they got hired by bigger companies they'd bring the software with them and add it to the mix and we could upsell from there."

While Market7's seeing good flow from that sector, it's also being pinged by another set of users: boutique videomakers and ad agencies.

Kenvin says Market7 is still developing its corporate identity, continuing to develop the product and to spend more money than it's currently making.

But Market7 is smooth enough to be a game changer. It's intuitive, engaging and really can make the difference between a business posting a high-end home movie or a video asset that will draw customers and generate ROI.

Market7 - Top Online Video Company 2009: FierceOnlineVideo, Fierce 15