Philo holds steady on price


Q4 2020 subscriber total: ?

Q3 2020 subscriber total: 800,000

While vMVPD prices seem to being going up across the board, Philo is holding its ground at $20 per month by focusing on entertainment channels and skipping the local broadcast and live sports that can balloon programming costs.

In November, Philo CEO Andrew McCollum said that he doesn’t anticipate Philo will add any channels in the near future that will require the service to raise rates. He also said that Philo focuses on efficiently running its business to avoid big operational costs causing price increases.

“I can’t say that the price of Philo will never go up. But we definitely put a lot of effort into keeping it as low as we can,” McCollum said.

McCollum has also weighed in on other services raising their prices, pointing out that they may have hoped to scale faster to make the businesses more economically viable. vMVPDs like Hulu + Live TV and fuboTV have at least continued to add channels as their prices go up, but McCollum suggested other factors contribute to the continued increases.

“It’s not equivalent to the amount they raised the price because they’re also trying to make the basic economics of the service work,” McCollum said.

Philo holds steady on price