TelcoTV 2012: Continuing coverage from Las Vegas

Image source: TelcoTV

Network service providers, network operators and builders are meeting in Las Vegas from Oct. 24 to Oct. 26 to discuss the latest trends and future of the broadband industry. The conference features panels with industry experts, keynote speakers and the TelcoTV vision awards. FierceIPTV editor Jim Barthold is attending the conference and will provide continuing coverage from the event. Check back on this page throughout this week for complete coverage of the show.

Oct. 26

At TelcoTV, vendors urge integration with existing IPTV services
Despite the fact that many small telcos already see IPTV as a "bottomless pit of expense," as Robert Saunders, president and co-founder of Skitter, put it, they still must bite the bullet and incorporate an over-the-top video element into their video service mix.

Gateway and cloud not an either/or proposition, says TelcoTV panel
Telco video service providers trying to decide whether to install pricey home gateways that receive, store and distribute data content throughout the home or wait for cloud storage and connectivity to mature have an easy choice: Put in gateways and migrate to the cloud as it matures, a panel of vendors said Thursday at TelcoTV 2012 in Las Vegas.

Oct. 25

Vendors suggest ways to 'squeeze your copper plant' at TelcoTV
Broadband is the only way for rural telcos to be competitive and, in some instances, to continue to be in business. And delivering broadband--especially when it includes a triple play of voice, video and data services, is not an inexpensive proposition for companies that are seeing traditional funding dry up or go away thanks to new federal regulations and new players like satellite broadband and 4G wireless come into their markets with their own broadband plays.

Verizon says 39% of FiOS subscribers are 'borderless'
An online survey conducted in September by Harris Interactive for Verizon (NYSE: VZ) has revealed that 39 percent of FiOS subscribers are "borderless consumers" who use several devices and are increasingly wed to Internet connectivity, a Verizon exec revealed Wednesday at TelcoTV 2012 in Las Vegas.

Oct. 24

Telcos must be in video business, argues Telco TV speaker
Telcos with broadband networks are in the video business, whether they know it or, more importantly, whether they want to be or not, Bernie Arnason, managing partner of Pivot Media, a marketing intelligence and consulting firm, said during an Alcatel-Lucent-sponsored workshop at TelcoTV 2012 on Wednesday.

Alcatel-Lucent panel: Robust home networks key to telco video deployments
A robust home network is perhaps the most important element when deploying a successful telco video service, and, for now, it's a space that's very unsettled, panelists at an Alcatel-Lucent TelcoTV workshop said Wednesday.

TelcoTV 2012: Continuing coverage from Las Vegas