Wowza Media - Top Online Video Company 2009: FierceOnlineVideo, Fierce 15

Wowza Media Systems

Where it's based: Evergreen, Colo.
When it was founded:
None, profitable for the past two years


Why it's Fierce: A developer of interactive streaming media server software, the company was founded to fill a perceived gap in the Flash streaming server market.  With the volume of video viewing on the Internet doubling every six months, Wowza founders David Stubenvoll and Charlie Good made a smart bet.

Wowza has made a huge splash. It currently has 30,000 licensees for its Wowza Media Server and is set to release a new product this week. The company says some 300 beta testers already are up and running on it. The company has hung its hat -- to a certain extent -- in the education market with some 500 universities and colleges using Wowza to deliver live, on demand and interactive content to students across multiple platform.

In September, Wowza also announced its Media Server 2 Advanced software was enabling live online video streaming to the Apple iPhone.

And it's continuing to add big clients. U.K. streaming company Livestation is partnering with broadcasters, including the BBC and Al-Jazeera--to deliver live online video streams of television and radio programs to the iPhone. Live video production company Telestream, meanwhile, uses the Wowza Media Server 2 Advanced with its Telecast platform to do live ingests of events that can be streamed in multiple file format end points, like the iPhone, Flash video players, and Silverlight media players.

Wowza Media - Top Online Video Company 2009: FierceOnlineVideo, Fierce 15