YouTube TV keeps on growing

YouTube TV

Q4 2020 subscriber total: 3.5 million

Q3 2020 subscriber total: 3 million

YouTube TV, by MoffettNathanson’s estimates, has now added nearly one million subscribers during the previous two quarters; 400,000 in the third and 500,000 in the fourth.

Google said last year that YouTube TV ended the third quarter with more than 3 million subscribers and then reiterated that figure in February. MoffettNathanson’s estimate seemingly puts YouTube TV at 3.5 million subscribers.

Last month, Google revealed some upcoming updates for YouTube TV that could help the vMVPD continue its growth momentum, including a new add-on option that gives subscribers access to 4K content.

The company didn’t specify a launch date or a price for the add-on 4K package, but it say that users will be able to download 4K content to their DVR to watch later offline. The option will also add unlimited concurrent streams at home.

Google is also working on growing other revenue streams for its vMVPD. CBO Philipp Schindler said that advertising efforts on YouTube TV are gaining momentum but that it’s still “very, very early.”

“We think that there’s an opportunity to apply some of our targeting and measurement capabilities to provide a better user and advertising experience over time,” he said during Google’s most recent earnings call.

YouTube TV keeps on growing