Security: The New Key Performance Indicator for Video Analytics

The value of audience measurement and behavioral data is growing rapidly as video service providers explore new ways to attract subscribers, increase revenue and differentiate from competitors. Knowing more about subscribers' habits and preferences in close to real-time enables providers to stand out in a highly competitive environment. Aggregated consumption and engagement data can also provide direction and valuable leverage in content licensing negotiations.

Privacy and security are two of the biggest distinct, yet related, topics to consider when implementing an analytics platform because, in almost every case, some aspects of the data feeding the analytics can be considered business critical. The more data that is accumulated, the more operators have to consider the implications of breach or loss. Privacy measures are being required to ensure that personal data about user preferences or activities is seen only by people with relevant permissions, which means the data must be effectively anonymized as well as protected from eavesdropping. Security in turn can help enforce privacy rules while also ensuring integrity of the systems and business measurements involved.

Ultimately, protecting customer information is not just about protecting the customer but also protecting the operators' investments in video analytics data. Any security breach reduces customer trust in their video service provider and reduces the trust of vendors, partners, and advertisers in the ability of an operator to provide valuable analytics information and insight.

Therefore, operators must have appropriate security protocols in place to anonymize sensitive and personally identifiable data and ensure compliance with regulatory guidelines. They also must ensure that data remains accurate and intact while accommodating both of these requirements. In this environment of complex relationships, operators must be able to compile and deliver actionable insights on the video analytics data they collect.

recent research report by Parks Associates found that operators understand that security of video analytics data is not their core business and are instead leaning on partners with security-specific expertise. Many are opting for a blended secure analytics system that incorporates internal development, while relying on security solutions providers for implementations.

In many cases, operators understand that solution providers are the true security experts in the industry, opting for the third-party providers to handle the areas they know best. The solution provider can be highly proactive in assessing and adapting to threats, allowing the operator to focus on its core business of providing video services to its customers.

Verimatrix is well placed to meet these challenges through the Verspective Intelligence Center, our innovative cloud-based revenue security engine. Verspective acts as the foundation for data collection services that can support a wide variety of analysis and visualization tools, which maximize competitiveness.

Through our Verspective Analytics services, Verimatrix provides an additional layer of important data that operators and their monitoring systems are otherwise unable to obtain. Because of our "preferred real estate" in the network and devices, our revenue security solutions provide us with a unique capability to gather data—from secure data streams to secure data storage, as well as other infrastructure components.

There is no doubt that a secure video analytics platform will be essential to notice anomalous and potentially dangerous behavior in as near real time as possible to prevent breaches. From our perspective, it is clear to see that analytics and security together will be at the heart of next-generation pay TV.


Steve Christian has a wealth of experience in the digital media and Internet technology space and is a frequent speaker on media technology and business trends at industry events around the globe. Follow him at @t68src

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