CenturyLink builds AWS into its fiber-based broadcast service

CenturyLink sign on building (free to use)
Vyvx customers who connect to Amazon Web Services can contribute video content to AWS Elemental Media Services. (CenturyLink)

CenturyLink's Vyvx, a suite of fiber-based broadcast services, is getting access to Amazon Web Services (AWS), including AWS Elemental Media Services, via AWS Direct Connect.

The new cloud service is intended to provide broadcasters as well as studios and stadium venues a clearer path for getting live and linear video into and out of the cloud.

"While cloud-based workflows make live OTT-video delivery significantly more scalable and agile, the delivery of that content from TV broadcast centers into the cloud to prepare it for Internet-based delivery is still dependent on broadcast distribution networks," said Jim Davis, contributing analyst at Structure Research, in a statement. "With this service, the CenturyLink Vyvx network can directly route broadcast TV content to AWS and give customers peace of mind knowing their streams are managed, monitored and protected."

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"Programmers need a managed, monitored solution that is redundant, reliable and scalable," said Bill Wohnoutka, vice president of global internet and content delivery services at CenturyLink, in a statement. "CenturyLink's Vyvx Cloud Connect enables our broadcast customers to leverage the benefits of cloud-based workflows to streamline, simplify and monetize their content."

Vyvx customers who connect to AWS can contribute video content to AWS Elemental Media Services, including AWS Elemental MediaLive, AWS Elemental MediaPackage and AWS Elemental MediaStore. Customers can also deploy and route traffic to other AWS services available on AWS Marketplace and pay only for what they use.

Earlier this year, CenturyLink added another cloud partner when it announced a deal with Oracle to provide secure and private access to data and business applications.

The added capabilities for CenturyLink’s live OTT platform come after the service got a workout earlier this year, serving up live video feeds from the World Cup for Fox Sports and other broadcast partners.