Dalet props up digital media storefront for its MAM users

Dalet StoreFront is designed to be a less-manually intensive substitute for requests for content via email and disparate file delivery services. (Dalet)

Dalet’s new software-as-a-service offering, StoreFront, will let customers create content marketplaces tied to the company’s media asset management system.

The company said StoreFront manages multi-user access to Dalet MAM-stored content with search tools to locate assets and show relevant materials to a qualified client. The new service uses Dalet’s MAM orchestration engine for content preparation and delivery.

“As audiences grow at a global scale, so does the need for more content. Maximizing exposure and facilitating discoverability of our customers’ new or untapped materials is more important than ever before,” said Luc Comeau, market director for MAM and supply chain at Dalet, in a statement. “However, with this opportunity for increased content ROI comes additional supply chain complexities. Dalet StoreFront enables clients to tap into a rich Dalet MAM inventory with greater efficiency and speed, resurfacing and monetizing otherwise dormant archives, all within the familiar shopping experience that today’s digital shoppers come to expect.”

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The company said the StoreFront is designed to be a less-manually intensive substitute for requests for content via email and disparate file delivery services.

“Dalet StoreFront identifies the ‘shopper’ and presents all of the relevant content options they can choose from, ensuring maximum catalog exposure while keeping content rights intact,” Comeau said.

Content owners can identify and tag content rights for their community of licensees, as well as establish rights to visitors and potential licensees. Dalet StoreFront secures content inventory by keeping all the source content under the control and management of Dalet MAM. After an order has passed through all checks, automated by Dalet Orchestration, fulfillment happens.

StoreFront uses the metadata – including title, authors, format, resolution, timecodes, rights (including restrictions about usage) and information about what’s contained within the clip – that was already put into the MAM as part of the media asset onboarding process.

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