Frankly debuts Express Video workflow for livestreaming, clip editing

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Frankly’s new platform is hardware agnostic and builds on Amazon's AWS Elemental Media Services. (iStock)

Frankly introduced its new Express Video workflow Tuesday, which will allow broadcasters to more efficiently publish live video to digital platforms.

With launch partner WICU, a Lilly Broadcasting station, Frankly is working to connect broadcast and digital platforms while keeping in place metadata used for targeting advertising and personalizing content. Lilly will be able to browse 72 hours of recorded station content in the cloud and edit clips for digital publication moments after they air on TV. The edited clips are automatically encoded in multiple bitrates for adaptive streaming to web, mobile and OTT devices.

"Leveraging Frankly Express Video, the WICU newsroom now has access to a solution that seamlessly captures video airing on broadcast television, and clips and publishes that same HD video to social and digital in near real time," said John Christianson, executive vice president at Lilly Broadcasting, in a statement.

Frankly’s new platform is hardware agnostic and builds on Amazon's AWS Elemental Media Services to acquire, manage, distribute and monetize video. The company said Express Video can record and manage multiple broadcast feeds, as well as livestreams from the field in a single CMS instance, which can help consolidate workflows.

"Frankly is committed to addressing the rapidly evolving challenges of broadcasters and media companies as they conform to the requirements of multi-screen direct to consumer live video engagement and monetization," explained Lou Schwartz, CEO of Frankly, in a statement. "Our Express Video platform is purpose built to ingest, manage, route and seamlessly replace and/or insert advertisements in each discrete live feed in a manner that mimics 'on-premise' switching, with the high quality of video expected from broadcast TV."