HDR10+ adds to list of partners supporting enhanced video spec

The HDR10+ logo and certification program has expanded support for even more technologies. (HDR10+)

HDR10+ Technologies, a joint venture of 20th Century Fox, Panasonic and Samsung Electronics, said the total number of HDR10+ adopters has increased to 94.

HDR10+ is an enhanced version of HDR10 that uses dynamic metadata to offer higher black level and peak brightness on displays. Vizio and Google Play recently added support of HDR10+ on their products and services, expanding the reach of the enhanced specification.

"Vizio is committed to delivering the best entertainment experience to the consumer, regardless of the format," said Bill Baxter, chief technology officer for Vizio, in a statement. "Adding HDR10+ capability to the roster of HDR signals we already support means our customers will have the best viewing experience possible when they play HDR content on their Vizio SmartCast TV."

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Google Play Movies & TV will support HDR10+ for their UHD titles including content from major studios in 2020. HDR10+ content mastering is currently supported by post production companies like Deluxe, Giant Interactive and Pixelogic.

In addition to Samsung Mobile, mobile phone manufacturers OnePlus, OPPO, Realme and Xiaomi have also announced support of HDR10+ on their mobile devices. Support of HDR10+ also includes AV Receivers to enhance the home theater viewing environment from brands such as Onkyo and Pioneer.

"We welcome that the HDR10+ feature is expanded to support AV Receiver," said Kenji Miyagi, president of Onkyo and Pioneer, in a statement. "We plan to support HDR10+ on our future products, which we believe helps consumers enjoy a premium experience."

The HDR10+ logo and certification program has expanded support for even more technologies. Announced at IFA, 8K display certification is now available for HDR10+, which includes greater display resolutions and high-bandwidth HDMI 2.1. In addition, the HDR10+ specification has added DisplayPort connectivity.

The Alliance for Open Media has also published an implementation note for HDR10+ support with the AV1 encoding standard.