MobiTV taps Telia Carrier’s fiber network for better streaming video performance

MobiTV’s deal with Telia Carrier follows the company’s agreement from earlier this year with Amino Communications. (MobiTV)

MobiTV is partnering with Telia Carrier to give its pay TV customers better streaming video app performance through more direct access to data centers.

The company will use Telia Carrier’s more than 100 points of presence (PoPs) conveniently located throughout the U.S. on its fiber network. MobiTV said its operator customers will benefit from flexibility in both cost and service levels while maintaining quality of experience for their end-users.

“Connectivity is key to us when launching a relationship with a new customer. It can take months for that operator to explore potential partners, secure quotes, select and then wait for connectivity to be established, all of which slows their time to success as a MobiTV partner,” said Casey Fann, vice president of operations at MobiTV, in a statement. “Now, with Telia Carrier and the diverse, secure, scalable access it’s offering our customers, the entire process is accelerated. We can refer customers to a partner we trust, confident that we’re extending our value and service levels along with fast access to the direct connectivity they need to take advantage of our services.”

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“We share MobiTV’s focus on value and customer service. By offering a predictable, three-tier option for connectivity from more than 100 POPs in the US, we are supporting MobiTV’s efforts to stand up new clients in a timely, efficient manner,” said Rob Pulkownik, director of market development at Telia Carrier, in a statement. “Our partnership simplifies the connectivity aspect of MOBITV’s offering, decreasing time to market from a couple of months to a couple of weeks. This also helps MobiTV’s ISP and operator customers to accelerate service delivery to their customers.”

MobiTV’s deal with Telia Carrier follows the company’s agreement from earlier this year with Amino Communications. The companies intend to combine the MobiTV Connect app-based TV platform solution with the AminoOS Enable operating system to give operators the ability to offer app-based TV services on legacy equipment. The solution will be commercially available in the fourth quarter of 2019.

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