Oracle Cloud amasses new streaming video customers

Oracle's Generation 2 Cloud is built to run autonomous services. (Pixabay)

Oracle Cloud has lined up some new streaming video and gaming customers including Phenix, Net Insight and Mynet.

Livestreaming tech firm Phenix is working with Oracle for video streams that can be adapted for different network conditions and end-user devices.

"Most streaming providers today don't deliver an optimal user experience due to rebuffering, latency, and audience drift. We rely on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure for rapid scalability when an event suddenly gains thousands of new viewers. Phenix enables users to watch real-time content synchronously regardless of the device, operating system, or network connection quality," said Dr. Stefan Birrer, chief software architect and co-founder at Phenix, in a statement. "The Oracle Cloud Infrastructure platform meets our challenging requirements of performance and scale, has increased the efficiency of workloads up to 40 percent and decreased networking costs by 70 percent. This allows us to pass significant savings on to our customers."

Net Insight tapped Oracle as it worked to start offering its platform as a service to customers.

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"We needed a cloud solution that could support our goal of making our platform available as a service, so we could provide our customers with more complete analysis and real insights from all the scheduling data they gather," said Net Insight CEO Crister Fritzson in a statement. "The combination of Oracle Autonomous Database and Oracle Analytics Cloud provided the most complete, clean offering on the market. Not only are we able to securely house that 20 years of data, we now have the ability to gain critical business insights from it in real time. In addition to offering a superior solution – no other database self-heals, self-tunes and self-secures – the high level of customer support provided by Oracle played a critical role at every level of the entire project."

Mynet is working with Oracle to build its online game operation platform.

"A stable environment is essential in online game operations, and providing a space where users can enjoy the game over a long period of time is a huge benefit to our customers," said Yuki Horikoshi, general manager of engineering at Mynet Inc., in a statement. "Oracle Cloud Infrastructure was the best balance between performance and cost for 'Age of Ishtaria,' enabling players to gain a better user experience while also delivering 65 percent cost savings compared to previous cloud service. Those savings then allow us to reinvest in new events and campaigns for our customers."