Synamedia intros new tools to take on video piracy

Synamedia is also unveiling enhancements to its Credentials Sharing Insight. (Pixabay)

Video product vendor Synamedia is planning to debut at IBC Show a handful of new tools to help content and service providers take on video piracy.

Synamedia's Streaming Piracy Disruption managed service now features a single workflow across both broadcast and IP streaming and the ability to disrupt leaks immediately without waiting for third-party takedown. Synamedia also offers a way for its Infinite customers to convert viewers of pirated content to legitimate subscribers by replacing basic takedown warnings with notices that encourage viewers to sign up.

"Often, consumers are unaware of what constitutes an infringement and will see their video provider in a much more positive light if offered the carrot of a legal alternative, rather than a stick in the form of a shutdown," said Steve Hawley, managing director of Piracy Monitor, in a statement.

The company is also launching Intelligent Piracy Monitor for Streaming Piracy Disruption customers, which will feature data from Synamedia’s Operational Security along with analysis of the nature and scale of the problem and the impact of anti-piracy initiatives.

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Synamedia is also unveiling enhancements to its Credentials Sharing Insight, which helps fight off both casual and for-profit credentials sharing. New security responses for compromised accounts are tailored differently for the account owner and the accounts sharers.

"Our holistic view of the ever-changing piracy threat ensures our products and every customer deployment has security hard wired into it, benefitting from our technology leadership and insight gleaned by our top notch OpSec team," said Jean-Marc Racine, chief product officer at Synamedia, in a statement. "The next chapter in our battle with piracy is to double down on our efforts to ensure the entire video ecosystem works together to reduce consumer confidence in pirated services so demand falls away fast."