Telestream's Project Orchid is a self-healing livestreaming architecture

Project Orchid is geared toward automation of decision-making and adjustment throughout the media supply chain. (Telestream)

At this year’s IBC show in Amsterdam, Telestream will be showing off its Project Orchid development project, which promises self-healing, self-scaling and self-optimizing video service networks.

“Our move to self-aware architectures is the most strategically important research & development initiative that Telestream has implemented in the last decade. The results will be significant for broadcasters, content owners and service providers who are ready to aggressively engage in the business of sophisticated, video streaming,” said Telestream CEO Scott Puopolo in a statement.

Project Orchid is geared toward automation of decision-making and adjustment throughout the media supply chain. That includes functions such as self-diagnosis, rerouting streams, bursting channel availability and capacity. Project Orchid integrates live adaptive streaming production with live monitoring and analytics in a virtualized deployment.

The containerized encoding, packaging, delivery, and monitoring components should simplify the process of launching and scaling any part of their content ingest, encoding, origin, delivery or monitoring service, either in a multivendor containerized environment or in an integrated, systemic deployment.

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“Today’s audiences demand ‘always on’ performance from their streaming services, and providers need assurance that they’re meeting customer demand,” commented Stuart Newton, vice president, strategy and business development at Telestream. “The architectures we are now developing, exemplified by Project Orchid, marry visibility and accountability to the efficiency and economy of virtualized architectures.  This is what today’s content holders and service providers must have to gain OTT market share.”

Project Orchid is growing out of Telestream’s M&A strategy, including last year’s acquisition of IneoQuest and its acquisition of VidCheck, both of which beefed up Telestream’s quality control, monitoring and analytics capabilities.

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