Twitter and Samba TV team up for TV audience measurement trial

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Samba TV is linking cross-screen ad exposure to a representative data set sourced from more than 20 million households worldwide. (Getty/bigtunaonline)

Analytics company Samba TV has partnered with Twitter to measure the effectiveness of Twitter in driving tune-in across broadcast and cable, OTT streaming originals, and sporting events like NBA, NFL, and NHL.

The companies just held a closed beta period, and Samba measured more than 30 Twitter campaigns across 15 different programmers. When looking at campaign exposures on Twitter, Samba said it found an average lift of 28% in Verified Tune-in Rate  to the measured premiere episodes.

“We all know Twitter is the ultimate TV companion, and now we can specifically measure that impact to help broadcasters and advertisers understand how effectively Twitter’s engaged audiences are driving tune-in,” said Ashwin Navin, CEO and co-founder of Samba TV, in a statement. “We look forward to building on our collaboration to provide greater performance transparency and help tune-in clients achieve their goals.”

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Samba TV is linking cross-screen ad exposure to a representative data set sourced from more than 20 million households worldwide to help programmers measure and optimize tune-in campaign performance.

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“Twitter is home to the world’s most valuable audience when they’re most receptive, and that includes when they’re watching TV,” said Tim Perzyk, vice president of market insights and analytics at Twitter, in a statement. “As advertisers look to enrich their marketing strategies with complementary TV and digital media buys, Samba has emerged as a key partner in helping us evaluate and improve our partner performance.”

Michael Engleman, CMO at Turner Entertainment, said his company has worked to launch a three-way conversation between the audience, show, and talent and that by partnering with Samba, Turner’s been able to measure conversion from Tweet to tune-in, optimize its investment strategy, and grow the linear audience from season 1 to 2 for its series “Claws.”

When “Claws” premiered in 2017, TNT streamed the first episode on Twitter following its TV premiere.

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