Twitter expands Nielsen integration to entice video advertisers

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The expanded integration comes on the heels of Twitter’s ad solutions rebrand. (Getty/bigtunaonline)(Getty/bigtunaonline) - editorial use only)

Twitter and Nielsen announced an expanded integration Thursday, bringing Nielsen’s audience measurement and outcomes cross-media solutions to Twitter’s video ad platform, Amplify.

The expanded integration includes a new subscription to Nielsen Media Impact and Nielsen Ad Intel, and expanded access to Nielsen Total Ad Ratings, all of which are intended to help those advertising on Twitter’s Amplify better maximize ad inventory, plan campaigns, understand cross-media planning and acquire campaign results with more speed and agility.

Amplify offerings include pre-roll and sponsorship placements alongside premium video content produced by various publishers such NBCUniversal and the NBA.

Nielsen Media Impact is a personalized media planning solution that provides insight into target audiences for advertisers. The solution is powered by a suite of Nielsen data including National TV Ratings, Ad Intel and Digital Content Ratings.

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Nielsen Ad Intel captures, organizes and analyzes ad spend and creatives to help advertisers identify new sales opportunities globally and view their media mix in a clearer format.

Twitter’s expanded access to Nielsen Total Ad Ratings brings real-time insight into a campaign’s pacing, allowing advertisers to make better in-flight campaign adjustments. Nielsen already provided insight into incremental, deduplicated reach and frequency on cross-screen campaigns on Amplify.

"Twitter's use of NMI and Ad Intel levels the playing field and ensures they have the same metrics and tools as agencies and advertisers, facilitating alignment on a common goal and plan,” said Jay Nielsen, senior vice president of planning products at Nielsen, in a statement. “With TAR's expedited capabilities, Twitter will now be able to better monetize the incremental reach and frequency delivered by ads on their platform. Altogether, our expanded collaboration will help Twitter maximize their video platform and unlock more value for advertisers as this type of video consumption continues to grow."

The expanded integration comes on the heels of Twitter’s ad solutions rebrand intended to simplify and clarify the social network’s ad offerings, going from more than 22 individual ad format names to five ad categories. In addition to Amplify, Twitter offers Promoted Ads, Follower Ads, Twitter Takeover and Twitter Live.