Vimeo joins AV1 group Alliance for Open Media

Vimeo joins other AOMedia promoter members including Adobe, Bitmovin, CableLabs and Hulu. (Vimeo)

Video platform Vimeo is the newest promoter member of the Alliance for Open Media (AOMedia), an organization pushing the development and implementation of video codec AV1.

Founding members of AOMedia include Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google, Intel, Microsoft and Netflix. The group’s promoting members include Adobe, Bitmovin, CableLabs and Hulu.

AV1 is a successor to VP9, an open-source video compression codec developed by Google. AV1 promise 30% better compression than VP9, based on testing performed by Bitmovin. That means AV1 can deliver 4K UHD video content while using less data. The codec was officially released in March.

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"Vimeo is excited and proud to join the Alliance for Open Media,” said Naren Venkataraman, head of technology at Vimeo, in a statement. “We look forward to working alongside AOMedia members to shape the next-generation codec that will unify the industry and fundamentally improve video experiences for creators and viewers everywhere."

"We’re pleased to welcome Vimeo to the Alliance for Open Media, reflecting the importance of online and live streaming engagement to achieve broad industry adoption," said Gabe Frost, executive director for the Alliance for Open Media. "We look forward to Vimeo's contributions to this significant initiative, which will open the door to a new era of openness and interoperability for internet video."

Vimeo joining AOMedia comes after last week Google joined Viacom’s Streaming Video Alliance.

"A lot has happened in the four years since the Alliance was founded. New industry technologies have been introduced and adopted, new Alliance members have joined our ranks such as AWS and Google and the consumer demand for and consumption of streaming video continues to soar," said Jason Thibeault, executive director of the Streaming Video Alliance, in a statement. "As we kick off our fourth annual member meeting, I'm inspired by our collective progress to date and look forward to our members' continued contributions to the streaming video industry."