2020 Emerging Leaders - Teltoo's Pablo Hesse

Pablo Hesse (Teltoo)

The FierceVideo editorial team is proud to present its inaugural Emerging Leaders Awards, recognizing the brightest young professionals rising up the ranks of the streaming video and pay TV industry. Throughout the months of June and July we’ll be featuring these profiles with each of our finalists. We will announce the winners during our upcoming OTT Blitz Week of virtual panels happening during the last week in July.

Pablo Hesse/Teltoo:

Pablo Hesse is co-founder and CEO of Teltoo. He specializes in optimizing the distribution of IP video streams. To handle the demands of video streaming today, streamers often need to reduce the bitrate and sacrifice the customer’s experience. Teltoo’s software-only, decentralized video delivery technology helps streaming providers, particularly those offering live streaming, improve quality while optimizing delivery costs. Teltoo was built with the expectation that video would increasingly be delivered via IP services and consumed on devices anywhere and everywhere. Teltoo gives control back to the content owners and video distribution operators by disrupting video delivery systems that typically favor CDNs. 

Streaming Industry Q&A:

What streaming services do you subscribe to? 

 HBO, Netflix, Spotify, Amazon Prime and Disney+

What are your favorite shows you’re watching in 2020?  

"Messiah" (Netflix), "Narcos Mexico" (Netflix), "Goliath" (Amazon Prime) and I am re-watching all the Studio Ghibli movies! I love them, and I am happy they reached an agreement to distribute them on Netflix.

What has been the highlight of your career so far? 

I would highlight two: our recent announcement with Liberty Global, which put P2P CDN technologies on the spotlight and our graduation from the UpRamp (Cablelabs) program, which was crucial to move the company from Spain to Colorado.

What’s next for you in terms of new challenges in streaming TV? 

We have lived the ancient age of streaming TV, and from this year onward, we will enter into the modern age: new platforms, more subscribers, more devices, more vendors, and more challenges. We must be prepared and aware that we must equip the network robustly while making sustainable use of the resources available to keep on enjoying all our shows, sports, and favorite movies any time, anywhere.