4As, TVB propose Nielsen change Live Only data stream to Live +1

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Both 4As and TVB said they are in discussions with Nielsen regarding the change and Nielsen sounds supportive of the talks. (Image: iStock/AndreyPopov)

Marketing industry group 4As and the Television Bureau of Advertising (TVB) are urging Nielsen to update its Live Only data stream to Live +1 to account for viewing beyond live and same day.

Under the groups’ proposal, Live Only data would still be tabulated and available through Nielsen but would not appear as a published stream. As the groups point out, Nielsen’s current Live Only data only measures only viewers who tune into a specific station or cable network as the live broadcast begins. Any viewing that happens 25 seconds or more after the recorded time is not part of the Live Only data.

"As television viewing has evolved, the Live +1 stream is now the best representation of the spot TV audience," said Steve Lanzano, president of the TVB, in a statement. "Live +1 also very closely aligns with and is the best surrogate of national C7 ratings, which has become the predominant national transaction currency."


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"Live +1 is a step forward in recognizing that the shifts in local media consumption are dynamic, and it's our job to keep pace with consumers," added Louis Jones, EVP of the 4A's Media & Data Practice, in a statement. "It also marks significant progress in empowering media buyers with more actionable and accurate audience data to make buying decisions with."

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Both 4As and TVB said they are in discussions with Nielsen regarding the change and Nielsen sounds supportive of the talks.

“Nielsen’s mission is to provide broadcasters and marketers the most trusted, complete picture of how consumers are viewing content, especially as these behaviors evolve through the introduction of dynamic new technologies and services. We support the TVB and 4A’s recommendations for enhanced data streams that go beyond live and same day viewing, and better reflect the daily and time-shifted viewing habits of consumers. We look forward to working with all our constituencies including the 4A’s, the TVB, TV stations and cable clients as well as the broader industry on the best approach for implementation,” said a Nielsen spokesperson in a statement.

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