Amazon releases Prime Video app for Android TV

Amazon Prime Video shown on its Fire TV interface.
Amazon Prime Video (Amazon)

After a years-long rocky relationship, Amazon and Google are downright palling around now as the Amazon Prime Video app has finally debuted for Android TV.

As Android Police points out, this is the first time the Amazon Prime Video app has been added to the Google Play store. But the report said that Prime Video has been available for Android TV before on devices like Nvidia Shield.

The arrival of Prime Video on Google Play comes fairly shortly after Google confirmed that it was pulling its YouTube app from both Amazon’s Echo Show and Fire TV devices. In a statement, Google said it had been trying to reach an agreement with Amazon so both companies’ customers could have access to each other’s products and services, but noted that Amazon was still not selling Google products in its store.

Well, Amazon must have been paying attention because it relented, and resumed selling Google Chromecast (and Apple TV) in its store after years ago pulling the products, citing potential confusion with Amazon’s own Fire TV streaming devices.

Amazon also recently made good on its promise earlier this year to put a Prime Video app on Apple TV.

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“There is nothing that excites us more than delighting our customers, and we are thrilled for them to stream Prime Video on Apple TV,” said Mark Eamer, vice president of Prime Video, in a statement. “The app arrives just in time for the highly anticipated new season of The Grand Tour, which launches on Dec. 8, and Prime Video members streaming on the Apple TV 4K will have the exceptional viewing experience of 4K HDR.”

Prime Video ended up being quite a welcome addition to Apple TV. BestAppleTV reported that the app scored the highest amount of first-week downloads ever for an app on Apple TV.