AMC Networks runs addressable TV ads across Comcast, Charter

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(AMC Networks)

AMC Networks is working with Canoe Ventures to run a multi-distributor, linear addressable TV campaign across Charter and Comcast.

The campaign is part of the On Addressability initiative founded by Comcast Advertising, Cox Media and Spectrum Reach and it’s tapping into its distribution partners’ footprints with more than 30 million addressable homes including both linear and VOD TV.

“AMC is the first national cable network to run multiple ads in a single avail across multiple distributors, using aggregated and deidentified data,” said Spectrum Reach President David Kline in a statement. “We are excited to help make our network partners’ avails more valuable through On Addressability by allowing them to send more relevant creative, at scale, to households that are most likely to act on it, and therefore make TV more competitive with digital alternatives.”

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“We are thrilled to make AMC the first cable network to offer a first ever addressable, performance-based solution across a national footprint,” said Kim Kelleher, president of advertising sales and partnerships at AMC Networks, in a statement. “On Addressability is an important step toward realizing the future of addressable television advertising. There is so much potential to bring an audience-first product to our advertising partners that reaches desired viewers and allows the delivery of relevant messages to the household level. We are proud to be on the forefront of this meaningful technological advancement.”

AMC Networks joined On Addressability in June and plans to allocate some of its commercials to addressable ads delivered to aggregated household audiences across the Charter, Comcast and Cox cable television footprints. On Addressability is working on defining common practices and standards, enabling technical solutions and working to solve challenges surrounding addressability like measurement. The cable operators are partnering with Canoe Ventures as their technical implementation and service management arm.