Apple TV+ looks like it will support downloads for offline viewing

Apple TV app
Apple TV+ is reportedly launching in November. (Apple)

Key details about Apple TV+, the company’s upcoming video streaming service, are still in frustratingly short supply. But MacRumors has uncovered what could be some interesting information.

The website dug into the code for macOS Catalina and seemingly discovered that Apple TV+ will allow users to download videos for offline viewing. It also looks like Apple TV+ will limit the total number of downloads and downloads per show or per device.

Apple TV+ offering the feature makes sense considering that Apple TV Channels offers the feature for subscription services including HBO.

The code also seems to show that Apple TV+ will limit the number of simultaneous streams, which is commonplace among other video streaming services.

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As Apple has started offering more glimpses of the original series on its service, reports have recently surfaced that shine some light on the company’s pricing and launch date plans. Bloomberg earlier this week cited unnamed sources who said Apple is planning to launch its streaming video service in November and price it around $9.99 per month.

Apple TV+ will require the Apple TV app, which has begun to expand its availability. Smart TVs from Samsung, Vizio, LG and Sony are getting support for AirPlay 2, which means that iPhone and iPad users will be able to stream content from the devices directly to their big screens. Apple also said that it is launching its TV app on Amazon Fire and Roku devices in the future.

As Apple readies its streaming service for competition with stalwarts including Netflix and Hulu, the company is reportedly cranking up its content budget. According to the Financial Times, the company has thrown $6 billion at building out the content lineup for its service.