AT&T says users spend 70% more time with HBO Max than HBO Now

HBO Max has still yet to reach distribution deals with both Amazon and Roku. (HBO Max)

AT&T and WarnerMedia have provided some statistics on how HBO Max is doing two months after its launch in May.

The company said it’s seeing 70% more time spent on HBO Max verses HBO Now based on January 2020 HBO Now viewership. It also said HBO Max users are significantly younger than subscribers of traditional HBO, with 23% falling between the ages of 18-24.

HBO Max also provided a look at the top performing content on its platform. The company said “Friends” is the number one show on HBO Max while original series “Love Life” is number two and “The Big Bang Theory” is number three.

AT&T said eight HBO Max Originals are in the top 25 series since launch.

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AT&T said that it ended the second quarter with 36.3 million HBO and HBO Max subscribers, up from 34.6 million HBO subscribers at the end of 2019. One month after launch, HBO Max had approximately 3 million retail subscribers and 4.1 million HBO subscribers had activated their HBO Max accounts. Of those, more than 1 million were wholesale subscribers through AT&T.

CEO John Stankey said his company is seeing more rapid HBO Max activation among subscribers who are already active users of the HBO digital platforms. “But we still have work to do to educate and motivate the exclusively linear subscriber base and we’ll continue to work with our wholesale partners to drive these activation rates.”

HBO Max has still yet to reach distribution deals with both Amazon and Roku. Stankey said that his company has “tried repeatedly” to make HBO Max available to all customers using Amazon Fire devices including customers who have purchased HBO through Amazon Prime Video Channels.

“Unfortunately, Amazon has taken an approach of treating HBO Max and its customers differently than how they’ve chosen to treat other services and their customers,” said Stankey during last week’s earnings call. “We’re glad to have agreements in place with, among others, Apple TV and Google Chromecast to give customers the right to stream HBO Max on those devices.”