Dish launches new AirTV Mini 4K streaming stick

For AirTV, the device provides a lower price option for consumers. The AirTV Player is priced at $119.99, $50 more than the Mini. (AirTV)

Dish Network’s AirTV today rolled out the new AirTV Mini, a 4K HDR compatible streaming stick running Android TV, priced at $79.99.

Like the larger AirTV Player, the device integrates Sling TV, Netflix and OTA channels into a single user experience when paired with an OTA antenna and an AirTV Wi-Fi-enabled network tuner.

"The AirTV brand is committed to making local TV relevant and easily accessible to streamers," said Mitch Weinraub, director of product development for AirTV, in a statement. "The AirTV Mini is a powerhouse streaming stick with more memory and a faster processor than anything else in the category. When combined with the AirTV network tuner and the Sling TV app, the Mini delivers a superior streaming experience, especially for Slingers who want premium features in a small package at an affordable price."


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Like other streaming sticks from Amazon Fire TV, Google Chromecast and Roku, the AirTV Mini plugs directly into the HDMI port on a television. The device automatically launches the Sling TV app, integrates third-party streaming services like Netflix and gives users access to the Google Play store. The device also supports Google Assistant through a dedicated button the remote.

The AirTV Mini remote also allows users to control compatible televisions and soundbars and perform voice searches. The voice remote works with some apps and commands include "go to guide," "show me my DVR" or "rewind 10 seconds."

For AirTV, the device provides a lower price option for consumers. The AirTV Player is priced at $119.99, $50 more than the Mini.

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