Flipboard debuts subscription video service on the Samsung Galaxy S20

Flipboard TV will appear in a new dedicated tab within the Flipboard app. (Flipboard)

Flipboard, a social aggregation app, has launched Flipboard TV, an ad-free subscription short-form video service priced at $2.99 per month.

Flipboard TV will pull video from more than 100 sources, including publishers like Variety and the Wall Street Journal, along with local news from television stations like KCRA (Sacramento, California), WESH (Orlando, Florida) and KCCI (Des Moines, Iowa). In the coming weeks and months, Flipboard will add more channels and partners, and roll out the video service to additional devices.

For now, though, Flipboard TV is exclusive to the new Samsung Galaxy S20 smartphone. Owners of the device, which begins shipping on March 20, will get three months of Flipboard TV for free before regular monthly charges kick in.

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"The launch of Flipboard TV builds on years of collaboration with the Samsung team, creating content experiences for each new generation of the Galaxy devices," said Mike McCue, Flipboard's co-founder and CEO, in a statement. "Flipboard TV creates a new way for people to be informed and inspired with video from the best journalistic sources in a premium environment, while simultaneously providing a distribution platform for original video from world-class publishers."

Flipboard TV users will be able to choose from channels such as News, Business, Politics, Entertainment, Tech and Local, as well as channels curated by publishers and Flipboard's editorial team.

Flipboard TV is available in a new dedicated tab inside the Flipboard app. Users can follow topics, publishers, and curated video channels, which appear in a personalized video feed as well is in their existing "For You" feed.