From AMC to Viacom: Tracking media earnings in Q4 2017

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The fourth-quarter earnings season is underway, and FierceVideo is tracking the results from media companies, programmers and broadcasters throughout the period. Check out our updates on companies in this segment.

Make sure to check FierceWireless, FierceCable and FierceTelecom, as they also track earnings for companies in the wireless, pay TV and wireline industries.

January 22

Netflix added nearly 2 million more U.S. subscribers and 6.36 million international subscribers in the fourth quarter.
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January 24

NBCUniversal’s fourth-quarter revenue rose 3.9% to $8.8 billion with adjusted EBITDA climbing 6.4% to $1.9 billion while the broadcast television segment saw a full-year decline.
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February 1

Meredith Corporation
Meredith's local TV revenues fell to $170 million as political advertising dropped to about $2.1 million, down from $40 million one year ago.
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Time Warner Inc.
Time Warner’s fourth quarter revenues rose 9% amid strong performance from Turner and HBO, the latter of which saw its streaming service reportedly reach 5 million total subscribers.
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February 6

The Walt Disney Company/ABC
Disney’s media networks operating income during the first quarter was pulled down 12% to $1.2 billion due to sagging performances by Hulu, A+E and the broadcasting segment.
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February 7

21st Century Fox
Fox’s television segment saw its fiscal fourth-quarter operating income plummet 85% to $56 million and its revenues fall 6% as multiple factors canceled out higher retransmission consent revenue.
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February 8

Viacom’s fiscal first-quarter earnings were marked by its media networks segment mostly holding its ground.
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February 15

CBS Corporation
CBS reported fourth-quarter revenues of $3.9 billion, which were up 11% thanks to growth in content licensing, distribution, affiliate and subscription fee revenues.
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February 26

Scripps Networks Interactive
Scripps Networks Interactive’s fourth-quarter results were highlighted by operating revenues rising 7.6% to $956 million and net income up 26.5% to $66 million.
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February 27

Discovery Communications
Discovery Communications kicked off Tuesday with an 11% increase in fourth-quarter revenue and the U.S. Justice Department’s blessing for a $14.6 billion acquisition of Scripps Networks.
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Gray Television
Gray Television this morning reported fourth-quarter revenue of $234 million.
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Nexstar Media
Nexstar Media turned in another solid quarter, this time seeing its fourth-quarter net revenue rise about 111% thanks to big growth in advertising and retransmission fee revenue.
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February 28

E.W. Scripps
E.W. Scripps’ local media revenue for the fourth quarter fell about 17% to $203 million as increases in retransmission revenue met up with decreases in political advertising.
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Sinclair Broadcast Group
Sinclair Broadcast saw its fourth-quarter total revenue fall 8% to $734 million, down from about $798 million one year ago. But the company’s net income spiked, thanks in part to the GOP tax plan.
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March 1

AMC Networks
AMC Networks’ national networks segment posted $606 million in fourth-quarter revenue, down 1.3% year-over-year as advertising revenues for the segment sank.
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Tegna is reporting total fourth-quarter revenues of about $490 million, down 10.3% year-over-year amid a sharp decline in political ad revenue for the broadcast group.
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Tribune Media
Tribune Media’s fourth quarter revenue fell 8% to $489 million as increases in retransmission revenue were offset by net advertising revenue decreases.
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