Hulu bets big on mobile viewing with new live TV features, HDMI and Chromecast support

Hulu with Live TV
Hulu has added Chromecast support for live TV viewing. (Hulu)

Hulu figures its users and their mobile devices will be out of the house a lot this summer, so it’s refreshing its mobile TV offering with new features including HDMI and Chromecast support.

Mobile devices using Hulu with Live TV will now have faster access to live content through the lightning-bolt icon in the navigation bar, and they will get to use live TV guide that lets them see what’s on within the next 24 hours and change channels. On top of the guide, Hulu has added a portrait player that switched to full screen when you turn the phone horizontally.

The live mobile app also added better scrubbing features for more easily finding where you left on in a show.

In addition to adding HDMI support to iOS and Chromecast support for bigger screens, the portrait player mode will let Chromecast users control playback and channel surf from their devices.

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Richard Irving, vice president of product at Hulu, said mobile viewing is growing on the Hulu platform.

“Our viewers are watching 84% more hours of programming a month on their phones compared to last year,” Irving wrote in a blog post.

Hulu is also rolling out new recommendations that should allow users to fine tune their personalization settings, particularly if they’ve gone off the beaten path a bit. A new Stop Suggesting feature allows users to tell Hulu to stop serving a certain recommendation all together and the new Remove feature lets users scrub a piece of content from their viewing history in hopes of preventing it from impacting recommendations. The feature lets you delete shows and movies from the Keep Watching collection on Home and Watch History hub.

Hulu also said that starting next week its live TV subscribers will all have access to the new Hulu experience for Web. And that all new features will be rolling out to Android and iOS starting next week.