Hulu says viewers streamed 26M hours of content per day in 2018

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Hulu said episode one of the second season of “The Handmaid’s Tale” was the most streamed TV episode on the platform in 2018. (Hulu)

Hulu just dropped a bunch of data points about its service in 2018, and they show just how much time viewers are spending with content on the platform.

According to Hulu, its users streamed more than 26 million hours of content per day in 2018. That comes out to approximately 10.2 billion hours per year. Those figures seemingly support recent findings from Nielsen that suggest Americans watch 8 billion hours of content per month on connected TV devices such as Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV and Roku.

Other data points in Hulu’s year-end blog post suggest medical dramas perform well on the platform, with “ER,” “Grey’s Anatomy” and “The Good Doctor” accounting for a combined 100 million hours of watch time on Hulu in 2018.

Hulu also said Sept. 23 was the day this year that Hulu viewers watched the most hours of content and that episode one of the second season of “The Handmaid’s Tale” was the most-streamed TV episode on the platform in 2018.

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Further, the company said that news and sports have become the biggest attractions within Hulu’s live TV service. NBC’s “The Today Show” alone has accounted for 6 million hours of watch time this year.

Hulu said 75% of its live TV viewers watch sports regularly, and the top teams streamed this year were the Washington Capitals (NHL), the New England Patriots (NFL), the Georgia Bulldogs (NCAA Football), the Cleveland Cavaliers (NBA) and the Boston Red Sox (MLB).

Hulu’s data dump didn’t include any figures regarding subscriber growth on the platform, but recent comments from Hulu CEO Randy Freer suggest the service is on pace to have more than 23 million subscribers by the end of 2018.

Freer also suggested that Hulu’s live TV service added nearly 500,000 subscribers in the third quarter.

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