JW Player taps Oracle’s cloud for improved ad targeting

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JW Player and Oracle’s collaboration combines machine learning video context with JW player’s inventory of video content. (iStock)

JW Player, an independent video platform provider, is integrating with Oracle Data Cloud to improve its video ad targeting solution.

The company said the integration will enhance the JW Player solution by providing transparency across video formats for brands.

“I think there have been a lot of missed opportunities,” said Michael Schwalb, co-general manager of advertising at JW Player, in a statement. “If you’re an advertiser who wants to reach people who are cooking enthusiasts, and the cooking video they are watching happens to live on USA Today, you might not reach those people if the text content on the page doesn’t include the right keywords or terms. As the number one source of video views on the web, powering billions of views every month across the digital media sites worldwide, JW Player has unrivaled insight into digital video consumption. We’re excited to be working with Oracle to provide solutions for video targeting and brand safety that advertisers have been missing.”

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JW Player and Oracle’s collaboration combines machine learning video context with JW player’s inventory of video content. This solution lets brands use Oracle’s contextual intelligence segments to find JW Player inventory that is more relevant and suitable for their digital video audiences.

“We’ve recognized that both contextual targeting brand safety are no longer nice-to-have solutions for the big-brands, rather they are becoming a central focus for marketers today,” said Kurt Kratchman, vice president of product development at Oracle Data Cloud, in a statement. “That’s why we’re bringing our technologies together to offer a unique solution to the programmatic open web. It’s critical for brands to be able to buy video inventory at scale and trust the accuracy from both a brand-safety perspective and a positive contextual targeting perspective.”

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