Philo adds new channels, $5 referral credit

TV streaming service Philo brought Tastemade to new and existing subscribers Thursday, with Cheddar Big News and PeopleTV coming soon. (Philo/Business Wire)

Streaming TV service Philo is adding Cheddar Big News, PeopleTV and Tastemade to its base level $16 per month package.

Those digital channels join Philo’s existing lineup that is populated with channels from AMC Networks, A&E, Discovery and Viacom, including AMC, A&E, Discovery Channel, HGTV and Comedy Central.

“Philo is simply a better way to watch TV, and with the addition of Cheddar Big News, PeopleTV and Tastemade, we are thrilled to add even more value for our subscribers,” said Philo CEO Andrew McCollum in a statement. “We built Philo for everyone who feels like TV was no longer serving them, and this is one more way we can stand apart.”

Philo’s base package now includes 40 channels. For another $4 per month, customers can add another nine channels including Logo and Nicktoons.

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In an effort to attract more subscribers, Philo introduced a $5 referral program this week. Subscribers can now get a $5 Philo credit for each referral, and the new subscriber also gets a $5 credit.

Beyond building its content lineup, Philo is also working on adding more compatible devices. McCollum said Philo is staying focused on improving its own service by listening to customer feedback. He confirmed that this summer Philo will add support for both Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV devices.

Beyond that, he said Philo is still trying to figure out what the next device support priority will be and added that ease of app development and popularity of platform influence the decisions. He said that once Philo has Fire TV, it will be a smaller jump to other Android-based platforms, and that Philo gets a lot of requests for Chromecast, Android TV and smart TV support.