Stringr adds livestreaming video on request to its marketplace

Stringr has recruited the Weather Channel as an early test partner for the livestreaming feature. (Stringr)

Video marketplace service Stringr today announced that it is adding livestreaming video, which can be called up on request nationwide, to its lineup of products.

In addition to having access to Stringr’s video library and on-request recorded content, users will now be able to call on Stringr’s network of more than 75,000 professional and amateur videographers for live footage of events.

Customers are now able to request live coverage of an event, and then that request is fulfilled by one of the videographers in the area. As the livestream comes in, customers can simulcast the stream to their own platforms and social channels while also monetizing the content.

“Viewers are looking for updates as they occur in the world, and networks and journalists must be able to produce news as it’s happening,” said Lindsay Stewart, CEO and co-founder of Stringr, in a statement. “Stringr’s Live offering provides near limitless live coverage – no matter how many events, not matter how far away with Stringr you can have a live feed ready to go to air, placed on your website, or published to social all without leaving your desk.”

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Stringr has recruited the Weather Channel as an early test partner for the livestreaming feature. The Weather Channel will use the product this spring to increase its live severe storm coverage across the country.

“The nature of news is constantly changing and viewers expect near-immediate updates on the weather,” said Nora Zimmett, senior vice president of content and programming at The Weather Channel, in a statement. “Through Stringr’s robust network of videographers, we will be able to provide our viewers with the quality content and the ground truth they’re looking for as quickly as they need it.”

Stringr was founded in 2014, and has since raised $4.6 million in funding, including $1 million in late 2018 led by the Associated Press. The company has used the funding for enhancements to its platform.