TiVo’s ad-supported streaming service TiVo+ officially launches today

TiVo+ arrives today. (TiVo)

TiVo+, the ad-supported streaming platform the company built with help from Xumo, officially launched today for TiVo subscribers. The service will be rolling out to TiVo customers over the next few weeks.

TiVo+ will offer free, ad-supported channels like channels like TMZ, Outside TV+, PowerNation, FailArmy, Unsolved Mysteries, Hell's Kitchen | Kitchen Nightmares, Food52 and Ameba. The service will also integrate live television, DVR recordings and third-party streaming apps like Netflix.

“We’re very excited to bring our wide array of our channels to TiVo’s new TiVo+ network. From classic movies to hilarious home videos, we’ve know we’ve got high quality entertainment that will delight every one of TiVo’s 22 million+ passionate watchers,” said Colin Petrie-Norris, CEO of Xumo, in a statement.

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TiVo+ will include in-stream video advertising that’s delivered programmatically from TiVo’s advertising network. The company said that ad loads are dynamic depending on the channel and content, and TiVo has imposed strict limits that are generally less than half of what the viewer experiences on broadcast television. The company also confirmed that TiVo+ ads will be skippable.

TiVo is positioning TiVo+ as a solution for consumers who are overwhelmed with sifting through all the available content and managing all their different streaming services.

“Navigating through the content chaos can be daunting. How do you simply find something you’ll love and start watching faster?” asked TiVo CEO Dave Shull in a LinkedIn post. “With TiVo+, we’ve made it easy for users to watch on their own terms, bringing live streaming channels, like Hell’s Kitchen, Unsolved Mysteries and other favorites, thousands of movies, and TV shows into an app-free environment. All delivered through the TiVo experience that millions of people around the world already know and love. TiVo+ makes entertainment easy to find and watch, providing a carefully curated selection of streaming entertainment seamlessly delivered alongside traditional television.”