Tubi Channels is like Amazon Channels but for free streaming services

Tubi TV
Tubi Channels is rolling out over the next few weeks on the Tubi app. (Tubi)

Ad-supported streaming service Tubi is rolling out Tubi Channels to provide a centralized hub for free content from networks, studios, streaming services and media companies.

“Tubi Channels are essentially Amazon Channels for free video on demand, offering instant distribution across all OTT devices and the growing distribution network of the Tubi app,” said Farhad Massoudi, founder and CEO of Tubi, in a statement. “Finding audiences in the increasingly fragmented OTT space is incredibly hard, and Tubi Channels makes that process significantly easier for our content partners. Through Tubi Channels, our partners are able to scale content distribution to reach new audiences and monetize IP.”

Channels is rolling out over the next few weeks on the Tubi app, and initial content partners include Wham Network, Dramafever, ConTV, Docurama, Complex, Dove Channel, Impact, Shout Factory, BabyFirst TV, Combat Go! and Hally Pop. Tubi said additional deals are in place with TV networks and will be rolled out later this year. In all, Tubi Channels will offer more than 500 titles and more than 1,200 TV series episodes.

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Tubi Channels will offer rows for each channel on the platform’s homepage and dedicated landing pages for each channel.

“With Tubi Channels, we’re giving content brands more exposure on the Tubi platform, while providing audiences with the fastest path to the content they want to watch,” said Adam Lewinson, chief content officer for Tubi.

Tubi said channels will be able to use the company’s Content Personalization Engine, which uses artificial intelligence technology and proprietary algorithms to personalize on-demand content, as well as marketing levers for their dedicated landing pages.