Welcome to FierceVideo

picture of FierceMarkets sign outside of office
FierceVideo is the latest Fierce publication.

I’d like to officially welcome you to FierceVideo, the newest publication in the Fierce family.

FierceVideo is basically a combination of two of our other email newsletter publications: FierceOnlineVideo, which was published once a week; and FierceBroadcasting, which was published once a day. The new FierceVideo email newsletter, launching today, will be published once a day to roughly 30,000 executives in the media, internet and entertainment industry.

Written by Ben Munson, FierceVideo will tackle a range of topics including video management, content licensing, 4K and advertising technologies, as well as media, broadcasting and internet video providers and vendors, both big and small.

Like FierceBroadcasting and FierceOnlineVideo, FierceVideo articles will “live” on the FierceCable.com website, here. The existing FierceCable email newsletter will continue to be written by Daniel Frankel and will continue to go out every day.

I realize this sounds like a lot of “fierce” stuff, but here’s the bottom line: Ben Munson’s FierceVideo will focus mainly on the creation of video content, while Daniel Frankel’s FierceCable will focus mainly on the distribution of that content. It’s no secret that the video industry is undergoing major changes, and the lines among cable, internet streaming and broadcast are beginning to blur, and that’s why we’re making this change—we realize we need to change along with the industry, and in doing so we hope to cover it better for you.

Indeed, although some of the Fierce names are changing, our Fierce goals are not: We will continue to bring you timely news, thoughtful opinions and informed analysis about the video industry every day. Moreover, we’re expanding our offerings to include, among other things, our first big event for video executives: The Pay TV Show will be held May 14-16 in Denver next year; we hope to see you there.

On behalf of Dan, Ben and the rest of the Fierce editorial team, I hope you enjoy our latest publication. And please let me know what you think! — Mike | @mikeddano