YouTube TV makes upgrades to its cloud DVR

After requests from users, YouTube TV has made changes to its cloud DVR. (YouTube TV)

YouTube TV, the virtual MVPD launched in 2017 by Google, has announced some upgrades to its cloud DVR service in response to customer feedback.

The company said that users will now have full control pause, rewind and fast forward at any point during playback. The company also said that recorded content from partners AMC Networks, Disney, Fox Television, NBCUniversal and Turner is all now available for immediate DVR playback.

As TechHive pointed out, YouTube TV used to make users watch an on-demand version (if available) of a show they had recorded and put up with the unskippable commercials that were embedded. But now users can select their DVR version of that show and fast forward through commercials.

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YouTube TV is still in its infancy, but some believe the service is a significant money loser for Google. Bernstein Research analyst Todd Juenger said earlier this year that YouTube TV is considerably in the red with “no obvious path to profitability.”

Juenger estimated that YouTube TV had 1 million subscribers and factored in programming cost figures from Kagan to estimate that YouTube TV loses around $5 per customer, or $60 million a year.

Strategy Analytics estimated in August that YouTube TV added 60,000 subscribers during the second quarter and raised its subscriber total to 410,000.

But YouTube TV would be in line for some accelerated growth in the near future as Verizon selected the vMVPD as the pay TV provider partner for its in-home 5G service.