Dish's AirTV shipments delayed due to 'overwhelming initial response'

AirTV streaming media device with remote

Dish’s new AirTV streaming device looks like it’s enjoying a solid debut as early demand has pushed back shipment dates for the device.

A message on the AirTV’s purchase page, spotted by Multichannel News, warns customers ordering the device that the wait may be longer than expected.

“Due to overwhelming initial response, orders placed at this time will ship in approximately two weeks. An email including the tracking number will be sent once the order ships. Thank you for your interest in the AirTV Player!”

An AirTV spokesperson did not immediately respond to FierceBroadcasting’s request for further comment.

AirTV, a subsidiary of Dish DBS, officially introduced the new streaming box, which integrates OTA TV signals with OTT content, at last week’s CES in Las Vegas.

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The device starts at $100 but the price goes up to $130 for a package that includes the optional AirTV OTA adapter, which can also be purchased separately for $40. In addition to the device, the company is also offering AirTV Pro antenna installation products and services alongside the AirTV launch, starting at $100 for indoor and $150 for outdoor.

“For those times when it becomes more than a do-it-yourself project, AirTV Pro Install delivers expertise to your door, including a skilled technician armed with a ladder, tools and the know-how to make it simple for you,” said Mitch Weinraub, director of product development for AirTV, in a statement.

While the initial response and subsequent shipping delay seem like a positive development for AirTV, the holdup could ultimately cost the device as it competes with several other similar devices including already entrenched TiVo and devices like Nuvvyo’s Tablo and Mohu’s Airwave.

The Tablo, which rolled out an update at CES, includes an Android-based software DVR and is testing a cloud DVR, an important function still missing from AirTV. Also at CES, Mohu unveiled a new product called Airwave, an OTA antenna with built-in networking to allow for local streaming of broadcast TV to various devices.