Turner Ignite partners with Leap Media for audience data

Turner Ignite will use Leap’s audience data to glean deeper customer insights for its clients. Image: Turner

Turner Ignite, Turner’s in-house sports marketing group, announced a new partnership with Leap Media Investments, a data analytics and audience development firm.

Turner Ignite will use Leap’s audience data to glean deeper customer insights for its clients. Leap’s data comes from a patented process that quantifies consumers’ emotional attachment to a brand, and then creates look-alike audiences. According to Leap, categories include brand enthusiasts who are highly attached to a brand; brand conquests who are moderately attached to a brand; and brand expansion audiences.

Turner Ignite said it will look for further applications of Leap’s data with traditional TV viewership data to create brand-specific TV plans and models for digital extensions.

“As our clients’ marketplace becomes increasingly competitive, fragmented and complicated, it’s imperative that we continue to share insights which connect their most loyal fans to the linear TV, digital and social programs that drive their business outcomes. This partnership continues the vision to deliver the engaged consumers with the right messaging, right programing and right platform,” said James Russo, senior vice president of client strategy and development at Turner Ignite, in a statement.

“We are excited to work with Turner Ignite. Leap’s unique approach is designed to help marketers leverage brand attachment, and our audiences are perfectly suited for brand oriented campaigns executed via linear and advanced TV solutions, high-end digital and social media,” said Gary Reisman, CEO and founder of Leap, in a statement.

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Turner first announced Turner Ignite at CES in January. The company built the new unit to focus on data solutions for planning, creating, targeting and measuring branded content operating within the Turner Ad Sales division.

"Turner Ignite will play an instrumental role in moving our partners’ businesses forward,” said Turner Ad Sales President Donna Speciale in a statement. “While other companies separate their data and content teams, we believe it’s vital to bring them together, allowing advertisers to reimagine the possibilities of advertising in one conversation. We want to continue to be a resource to clients and better help them accomplish their goals. With Turner Ignite and this powerful suite of solutions, we are set up to make that happen now.”