3D without the glasses coming in 2011?

Attention last minute shoppers! Move away from those 3DTVs with the silly glasses.

Depending on how you look at 3D--as early as adopters using expensive and silly looking glasses or as savvy consumers waiting for lower prices and higher features--2011 may be a year of reckoning since Toshiba is introducing the first no-glasses-required sets in Japan that are sure to make their way across the ocean as fast as steamers can carry them. That's good news for reticent buyers, bad for early adopters, and probably neither for retailers which have been reporting slow sales of current models this holiday season.

Also on the 3D front is how, exactly, the service will be presented to viewers. Time Warner Cable and AT&T U-Verse are charging customers for ESPN 3D. Comcast and DirecTV are offering it for free. Verizon FiOS is sitting on the sidelines watching which of those models works best.

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