A new form of must-carry: FCC tells Cox to put Macon channel in its lineup

In a new version of the old must-carry conundrum, the FCC has told Cox Communications to carry Macon, Ga. channel 58 (WPGA) even though it's no longer an ABC affiliate.

Macon and ABC divorced in 2009 and Cox told the station it would be removed from its Central Georgia channel lineup. After a judge ordered they couldn't do that, the case went to the FCC, which said WPGA is a "must-carry station" but did not say where in the lineup it should sit--channel 6 on the basic tier, channel 706 on digital or both.

WPGA owner Lowell Register was happy with what he called a "very good ruling" because he said it strengthens the station's case in a still-pending lawsuit.

In happier news for Cox, the MSO is rolling out its 50 Mbps DOCSIS 3.0-based Ultimate Internet to users in Arkansas and Kansas. The service comes at a price: $99 a month.

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