Is adult content interactivity's killer app?

The second keynote panel's moderator, Bernadine Arnason of the Pivot Group, broke down Internet TV content into three categories: 1)Home Video 2)Episodic 3)Semi- and professional content The list was quite similar to the one I just mentioned from's Mike Hudack, however, Akimbo's CEO Josh Goldman said movies and adult content should each be their own separate category, too. After Goldman made the comment's COO Grey Gaskins leaned away from him, in a symbolic effort to distance himself from the adult content comment, only to garner a few laughs, of course. However, it's a fair point: Adult content made the VCR a success by most accounts, the Internet a success by many accounts and according to some friends in the mobile content industry over in the U.K., it's driving the mobile broadband business over there. Perhaps that's where all this interactivity will come in for IPTV? If the telcos wanted to it could become the differentiator from cable services they are supposedly looking for, but I don't blame them for leaning away at the prospect. Hopefully the market won't either.