Apple, again, said to be developing standalone TV product

Perhaps it's wishful thinking on the part of Apple aficionados. More likely, it's the reality of backroom development. Whatever the case, Apple is again in the headlines as reports have the company revamping its AppleTV software to incorporate the iOS operating system it uses to run its popular iPhone, iPad and iPod touch products.

According to a posting in Cult of Mac (and when was the last time you saw a cult following for cable?) the iOS platform would let an Apple TV owner "stream television shows and movies with a Netflix app, ABC's TV player and Hulu." While Apple has downplayed what it's doing with television, even going so far as to call it a "hobby," there are those who have predicted the computer company could have an HDTV product in the next two to four years and that it's work is being stepped up to answer Google TV.

Apparently, the Independence Day weekend spurred a lot of thought about declaring independence from cable. The San Francisco Chronicle detailed all the options available via Internet television that "promise to fundamentally alter the way consumers digest video content."

Being part of the mainstream media, the Chronicle story downplayed the sensational and up-played the reality, noting, "Most of the companies enabling what's known as 'over-the-top' services stress they're looking to augment rather than displace the offerings of cable or satellite companies. But analysts think the additional power offered to consumers will leave the legacy companies with a stark choice: progress or perish."

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