Arris and Intel partner on firmware fix for Puma 6-equipped cable modem


Intel has deployed a firmware fix for Arris’ SURFboard SB6190 cable modem after users complained about jitter and latency.

Complaints first surfaced on DSL Reports message boards earlier this week. By Thursday, a message board poster said a beta of the firmware update had been distributed.

“Arris has been working actively with Intel to address the issue, which resulted in some SURFboard SB6190 users reporting latency concerns," Arris said in an updated statement. "We plan to quickly issue Intel’s firmware updates to resolve any latency. We remain committed to providing the best broadband experience for all users of Arris devices and regret any inconvenience this issue caused.”

The device features Intel’s Puma 6 chip.

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For its part, DSL Reports said its forums are “filled” with complaints about other cable modems using the Puma 6. For example, the site called out its Cox forum, which has reported issues with the Netgear CM700.

CableLabs, of course, certifies DOCSIS cable modems, and DSL Reports made the very wise move to ask the industry consortium if it has considered intervening on what might be a broader issue with the Puma 6.

"Products submitted for CableLabs certification are tested for compliance with the DOCSIS specifications, which define the interface requirements that allow devices from different manufacturers to interoperate with each other," the organization said. "The specifications specifically do not address performance requirements, so that manufacturers can differentiate their products through performance and additional features. As a result, CableLabs certification does not include performance testing."