AT&T driving DirecTV growth with triple-play price promotions

Continuing to look for ways to cross-promote and drive growth across service platforms, AT&T (NYSE: T) said today that it's offering two-year guaranteed pricing for customers who combine DirecTV, wireline Internet and landline phone services. 

The company is letting new and existing subscribers of its landline broadband and wireless services add its base-level DirecTV "Select" satellite TV tier for $50 a month for two years.

Select touts 145 channels, and is missing ESPN. But priced at $50 a month, the package is robust enough to compete with IP-based skinny services like Dish's Sling TV for broadband users who currently don't have pay-TV.

AT&T is also offering DirecTV users the opportunity to add 6 Mbps Internet and landline for $30 a month, again with a two-year price guarantee.

AT&T also said it's dropping the price of its voice service to $9.99 for a guaranteed two years for customers that purchase its triple-play. 

Investment bank Evercore predicts that DirecTV will add around 465,000 new customers this year, driven by AT&T's aggressive price promotions. 

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UPDATE: This story was updated on April 12 to describe DirecTV Select's correct channel package. 

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