AT&T says broadcasters are the ones hoarding spectrum

Broadcasters' call for a government inventory of spectrum is "late" and the spectrum they've been given for free "when used at all, serves only a sliver of the population with services that, at best, duplicate robust services available elsewhere," a post penned by Jim Cicconi, senior vice president of external and legislative affairs for AT&T (NYSE: T) states.

The broadcasters, in pushing back on FCC suggestions they relinquish their over-the-air spectrum for wireless services, have claimed that there's plenty of spectrum already available but it's being hoarded by service providers such as Time Warner Cable (NYSE: TWC-WI) which is sitting on a swath of AWS spectrum.

Cicconi didn't disagree, necessarily; he just turned the spotlight back onto broadcasters. "In short, if NAB is truly committed to identifying those ‘sitting' on unused or underused spectrum,' they can start by looking in the mirror."

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