AT&T takes spectrum case to mainstream media as McDowell urges Congress to move

AT&T (NYSE: T) needs to acquire T-Mobile because it doesn't have enough spectrum for its future broadband wireless expansion, the mega-mobile provider has reiterated in a story in the Dallas Morning News.

"Even with more efficient radio technologies, even with some of the capabilities that we traditionally have to stretch spectrum as far as we can get it to go, we can't outrun the growth that's in front of us," Bill Hogg, AT&T's senior vice president of network planning and engineering said in the article.

In Washington, FCC Commissioner Robert McDowell urged Congress to act on incentive auctions for "unused" spectrum voluntarily relinquished by broadcasters so those broadcasters can, essentially, get on with their lives and their businesses.

McDowell also said he's spoken with AT&T and T-Mobile reps but would not comment further on the merger-including whether it would deliver be a salve for the spectrum wound.

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