BillShrink search engine claims to show best deals on cable

With the important qualifier that there has to be more than one provider offering service, a "free, personalized search engine" developed by BillShrink purports to help consumers find "the best choices for TV packages," including the best prices for pay TV services in any given market.

The new service is built upon existing search engines already available from BillShrink for finding the best prices/deals on cellphones, credit cards, gas stations and more. In this instance, though, the search engine offers to objectively rank pay TV services by cost and provider "so people can make apples-to-apples comparisons," a company news release said.

Not that this is a complex space or anything, but BillShrink says it gets its information by searching more than a billion cable and satellite packages. The service is still in its beta phase and has a few glitches, according to a blogger who tried it, but, he said, "it works fairly well as such."

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