Broadcasters look to put stake through Aereo's heart; CBS seeks $500K+ ad rate for simulcast NFL games

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> The major broadcast networks have asked a Manhattan federal court to enjoin streaming service Aereo's attempt to reconstitute its service under a Sec. 111 blanket copyright license. Filing (PDF)

> CBS is seeking advertising rates of more than $500,000 for a 30-second spot running during its Thursday Night Football broadcasts this fall, even though the games will be simulcast on pay-TV via the NFL Network. Story

> U.K. pay-TV operator BSkyB has pledged to fill at least 20 percent of the leading roles in its new programs with ethnic/non-Caucasian cast members. Story

> Alaska-based MSO General Communication will add Sportsman Channel HD to its Digital Variety bundle starting Aug. 14. Story

> The Weather Channel has hired former CNN executive Nora Zimmett as senior VP of live programming. Story

> Cincinnati Bell is the latest broadband provider to respond to a possible Google Fiber threat. It plans to debut its own 1 Gbps fiber-to-the-home service in September. Story

And finally …  The National Association of Broadcasters has sued the Federal Communications Commission, arguing that the FCC's plan to auction of airwaves next year will harm the business of TV stations. Story

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