BT Vision launch brings mixed reactions

Following the launch of BT Vision IPTV service this past week, industry pundits and analysts have given the new service varying marks of approval, and, in at least one case, a scathing critique.

PVR Wire: "I'm completely underwhelmed by BT's efforts thus far in this arena, and I'm no-where near convinced that this will make any kind of impact on the market. It's a bit like Microsoft's Zune; if they chuck enough money at the advertising, people might go for it--but they'll probably regret it later when the product is upgraded and reduced significantly to draw in more suckers." Article

Nate Elliott, senior analyst, Jupiter Research: "I'm more impressed than I thought I'd be." BT Vision has a "great" line up of content for film fans and children and the deal to offer live Premiership matches should satisfy many sports enthusiasts. However, set-up costs of £380 are "far too much." Article

Mike Cansfield, principal analyst, Ovum:  "On the one hand BT is playing catch-up. But to say that this is a 'me-too' service is to miss the point. This is strategically important for BT, for the TV market and customers too....The key to how successful BT will be with this move is how well it executes its marketing strategy." Article

Alex Cameron, managing director, Digital TX: "I have a confession to make. BT Vision doesn't excite me. Neither do any of the fancy new IPTV services that are rolling out all over the world. I'm thoroughly underwhelmed, and I'm sure I'm not supposed to be feeling that way, working in the IPTV industry...There might be some wisdom in that the great British public like and take to things that are familiar. But in avoiding risks you always take a much bigger one. Risk avoidance has become culturally endemic. The best and most amazing things that have ever happened have been massively different and incredibly risky." Article

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